Nurse's Only "Booty in 30 Days!" Workout Program (With FREE Babe Bands!)

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Hey busy nurse, are you looking to build a nice firm booty as quickly as possible?

With all the hard, stressful work you do - we know that fitness is hardly your first focus as a hard working nurse.

Yet we want you to feel like a queen both in and outside of work!

So we made a custom booty workout program - designed to give you a much rounder, firmer butt in just 30 days!

What you'll get from this exciting new package:

  • Our custom workout plan and video series by our nurse and certified personal trainer Ayala (sent to you via email immediately after you buy)
  • A FREE set of Babe Bands, to do the program, sent to your doorstep!

     Why use our program?

    • It's EASY and SIMPLE to use at home (squats, lunges, sidesteps, and a lot more can all easily be done)
    • It only requires 5-15 minutes of work 3-4 days a week to see great results - PERFECT for you as a busy nurse
    • Has a very low risk of joint pain if used properly (but please see your doctor or PT if you have any questions!)

    Lastly, the Booty Bands we send you are NOT made of that annoying rubber material (that all the others are) that hurts your skin and makes you not even want to use them!

    Instead, they're made of a soft, flexible cloth that feels great while you work out!

    So if you can imagine reducing your back pain, walking with grace and confidence, and getting tons of compliments on your legs and booty...

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    PLEASE NOTE: Your program is delivered by email so please check your email after you make your purchase for your program!

    For delivery of our Booty Bands, please allow an average of 3-5 business days to the US, 6-12 days to Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe, and 2-5 weeks in other countries!

    We're very confident you'll be happy with your purchase! Thank you! 

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