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The Babe Blender

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The Babe Blender is exactly what a busy nurse like you needs to bring a nutritious, easy to consume meal to work!

Your new Babe Blender is:

- Easy to Charge: It's USB Charged (by a wall outlet, your computer, even a portable power bank) which means you don't need to replace the batteries!

- Convenient: It's very small and can easily fit in your tote, lunchbag, or anything else you use to store your food or gear.

- Cute: You're bound to get a bunch of your friends asking where it came from!

It's perfect for busy nurses on the go so you can eat better, be healthier, and feel more energetic and confident at work!

You can easily make protein shakes, fresh fruit juices, and anything else that you make in a regular blender!

Please allow 5-12 business days for shipping to the US and most Western nations! Thank you!

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Additional Details:

Capacity: <400ml
Power (W): <200W
Dimensions (L x W x H (Inches): 8x8x24cm
Rating (Rpm): 20001-22000Rpm
Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Charging Port Shape: Round


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