5 Nurse Lifestyle Accounts you NEED to follow

Top 5 nurse lifestyle accounts to follow on instagram

Instagram is a great place to learn about new fashion, make-up and lifestyle trends, but it can be hard to know where to start when there are SO many great influencer accounts out there! We love supporting our nurse community, which is why we've put together a list of our Top-5 favorite Nurse-Influencer Instagram accounts under 100K followers in the lifestyle niche! Get browsing ladies! 

1. Maddie Ann Woods

Maddie Ann Woods Influencer

Maddie is a Plastic Surgery RN, Instagram Influencer and Lifestyle Youtuber based in Denver, Colorado.
Best known for her long blonde hair, cute outfits and super personal approach! 

Maddie is a super sweet influencer who's not afraid to get intimate with her audience and share her relationship, daily life and house updates, as well as lifting the lid on Nurse life - if you're looking for a mix of beauty, fashion and Nurse related content Maddie is your girl!

2. Nurse Clara

Nurse Clara Instagram

Clara is an Atlanta based lifestyle blogger by day and labor and delivery nurse by night! She's a self-proclaimed foodie, an advocate of health and fitness and currently working on becoming a family nurse practitioner.

Clara shares her own story surrounding health and fitness after losing 40lbs and discovering the world of health. She admits struggling with self-love, altered body image, amenorrhea and disordered eating and is determined redefine health and celebrate what it means to be authentic.

If you're looking for approachable, authentic and relatable content, Clara is the one to follow!

3. Little Nurse Jade

Little Nurse Jade Influencer Nurse

Jade is a Nurse and lifestyle and travel influencer from San Diego.
She created her page to share a glimpse of her "extraordinary ordinary life".

Jade loves her job, adventures and meeting people and says Pink, Penguins and Puppies are her favorite things. Her content is super cute, fun and full of wanderlust. If you're looking for a little travel inspo and nurse-related #selflove talk this is the account to follow! 


4. The BSN Blondies

What's better than one nurse? Two of course! 
Canadian twins Tara and Sydney are fourth year BSN students and bloggers from Vancouver. 

The BSN Blondies was created by them as a "fun creative outlet to take breaks from our studies". The girls explained that throughout their nursing student life they have found tips and tricks that have helped them become successful and want to help out others with their advice. 

Besides nursing, their passions include promoting healthy living, shopping, travelling, beauty and fashion. If you're looking for Pinterest-style lifestyle content with a splash of nursing realness, these are the ladies for you!

5. Sana Milana and Shauna Cubana

Last but not least (and keeping up the Twin theme!) are two Nurses and influencers Sana and Shana - founders of The Twin Diaries Channel on Youtube and @thetwindiariesco. 

These girls both have over 10K followers to their name and create beautiful lifestyle, travel and nurse related content. Their Youtube channel boasts over 15K subscribers and follows their personal lives closely as well as the highs and lows of Nursing. For a mix of relatable and informative Nurse Lifestyle Youtube and Instagram content - these are your ladies!

So there you have it! Some of our favorite Nursing Influencers to follow right now.
We're always looking to support our nurse community so would love to hear about some of your favorite Content Creators! 

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