The Nurse's Only Club was founded in late 2018 by a small group of nurses, because we felt like not enough emphasis was placed upon nurse's health and well being.

We are an online-only store that ships internationally to help all nurses across the world take better care of themselves and their patients!

Because at the Nurse's Only Club - we know that you work hard.

And we know that your job is extremely stressful.

We know you are underappreciated for what you do.

We know this because we're nurses too — and we're right there with you!

That's why goal is to inspire and empower more nurses like you to take control of their health and live their best lives.

And that's why we’re building a community of empowered nurses who are healthier, stronger, and aren't afraid to show what they're made of.

At Nurses Only, we're here looking out for you, because we know that you need to take time to care for yourself.

We are committed to providing you little known, high quality accessories to help you do exactly that!

Most other stores sell scrubs, stethoscopes, and the like...

Those accessories are important, but we know that we have to deliver on the overlooked items that few brands offer!

By offering functionally fashionable nursing accessories straight to you, we hope to inspire nurses around the world to rep their professions loud and proud!