With the COVID-19 situation we're operating normally and continue to ship around the world!

Our shipping warehouse continues to ship packages out daily, and is shipping with full precautionary and sanitary measurements in place including social distancing for everyone's safety!

Please note that because of COVID-19's effects on shipping companies, there have been some delivery delays for certain customers.

Most of our customers around the US are still getting their packages within 3-5 business days.

Because of increased shipping volume, US customers occasionally see minor delays, but very rarely more than a couple extra days to deliver.

Certain countries like Australia have a large backlog of packages coming inbound and we have seen delays of a week, occasionally more coming in.

This is not the norm around the world, however, and most other countries such as Canada, Europe, New Zealand, etc are delivered on time or with minor delays.

We monitor our customers' packages frequently and from our experience the longest delays have been to Australia.

In short, we're doing everything we can to protect you and our workers, and the overwhelming majority of our customers are getting their packages either on time or with minimal delays.

Any questions? Send an email to support@nursesonly.club