5 Life Saving Tricks to Ease Your Neck Pain

Hey, we know how your neck can feel after a long shift! Nursing can be a rough job, and neck pain is super common.

And unfortunately everything we do at work can really take a toll on our bodies, including our neck! 

Nursing demands tons of physical labor and it's crucial to protect every part of your body so you can have a long, healthy career.

In this article, we're talking about neck pain and simple tips on how to relieve it. 

(Please note that this is informational purposes only and if you have any specific concerns or underlying conditions - call your doctor!)

Ready? Let's get started:

1.     Do neck exercises frequently.

This will help you loosen your tight neck muscles that very often contribute to your neck pain.

Really, you have to find the exercises that work for you through trial and error.

For many, a simple forward and backward tilt provides the magic they're looking for! 

For others, a gentle stretch with a simple tilt to the right or left and holding it there for 15-30 seconds each does the trick.

There are a lot of possible exercises here.

We recommend you go through this video (either now or save it for later) and find a few exercises that really provide relief.

These guys may be a little dorky but they really know their stuff! 

Find a few of these that work for you, and do them when you have downtime and need some relief.

2.     Find a more comfortable way to sleep.

Proper sleeping position to ease neck pain - Nurses Only Club

Ask yourself a simple question - does your neck pain get worse when you wake up?

Then, quite simply...your sleeping position is making it worse.

The wrong sleeping position will further strain your neck and shoulders.

Always have a pillow supporting your neck and shoulders regardless of which side you lie on.

You may also want to factor in the mattress that you’re using because if it doesn’t provide enough support, it can cause muscle strain to your back, neck, and shoulders. 

We know it's simple, but simple things often go overlooked, and the wrong position can really make things worse when you wake up.

3.     Create a comfortable working environment when charting.

A LOT of our neck pain comes from when we're sitting down and charting.

So make sure your chair you’re using at work is properly adjusted so you can comfortably sit with your feet flat on the floor and your knees a bit lower than your hips.

When you’re in front of your computer, do your best to make sure it’s at eye level. 

Placing it in the standard height can keep your head and neck in a healthier position hence avoiding unnecessary aches.

We know it's not always an option - so if your work computer can't be at eye level, we still strongly recommend improving your POSTURE!

You can use our incredibly popular posture corrector, the Babe Brace.

We've sold over 10,000 and it's amazing for both back and neck pain, plus it's way more comfortable than your average posture corrector!

4.     Stay well-hydrated. 

Drink water to ease neck pain - Nurses Only Club

This is super basic but very important. DRINK MORE WATER!

Drinking at least eight glasses of water a day can help ease your neck pains too! As nurses, though, we often need more than that!

It is important to stay hydrated to help nourish the sponge-like discs that lie between the vertebrae in your neck. 

These discs are mostly made up of water components and staying hydrated will keep them pliable and strong. 

So, this is yet another reason to consume plenty of water. 

Always bring a bottle of water with you and sip throughout the day.

5.      Practice good posture.

Nurse wearing Babe Brace - Nurses Only Club

We really drive this home because it's SO IMPORTANT for nurses. 

Poor posture can strain your muscles and ligaments that support the back and neck, resulting in injuries over time.

Meaning pain, aggravation, missed money and time from work, etc...

But fortunately, we can help you with that! 

You can get our affordable and effective Babe Brace - one of our most popular products because it's really effective at fixing your posture - back and neck pain included!

Look great and feel a whole lot BETTER! 💁‍♀️💕

Get yours here!


We hope this article helped!

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And always - stay safe, stay amazing, and as always...THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU DO!


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