The Babe Bands

$ 29.97

Hey busy nurse, are you getting back pain at home or at work?

Let's stop that, right now!

Our Babe Bands are designed specifically for BUSY NURSES to stop back pain in its tracks!


Because as the name suggests - they do an excellent job at strengthening your thighs and glutes - in just 5-15 minutes every other day!

And strong glutes, in particular, have been PROVEN to prevent lower back pain...

And they are totally overlooked by most!

That's why we're aiming to create an army of FIT nurses with our new resistance bands!

Our bands:

  • Are easy and simple to use at home (squats, lunges, sidesteps, and a lot more can all easily be done)
  • Only require 5-15 minutes of work 3-4 days a week to see great results - PERFECT for you as a busy nurse
  • Provide excellent resistance to maximize your booty gains 🍑
  • Have a very low risk of joint pain if used properly (but please see your doctor or PT if you have any questions!)
  • Will get your thighs and glutes strong, so you can be pain-free, strong, and more CONFIDENT on the floor while dealing with patients, family, and coworkers!

And very importantly (and what makes ours different from the rest...)

They're not made of that annoying rubber material (that all the others are) that hurts your skin and makes you not even want to use them!

Instead, they're made of a soft, flexible cloth that feels great while you work out!

So if you want to be a healthier, stronger, more confident nurse...

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Tip: We HIGHLY recommend you get all 3 sizes, because you'll want varying resistance for different exercises! Trust us, you will not want to be caught without the right type of resistance band to do your exercises.

Also, please allow an average of 6-12 business days to the US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe for shipping and 1-3 weeks worldwide!

We're very confident you'll be happy with your purchase! Thank you! 

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