"Sh*t Happens!" Special Warranty on Any Pair of Glasses (Even if YOU break them!)

$ 9.97

Do you want some peace of mind with your new investment?

Listen babe, we know sh*t happens.

The hospital is a crazy place, and although your new glasses are durably built for scratches and falls, you never know what can happen.

So in case something happens to them (you sit on them, a combative dementia patient cracks them, etc...), we got ya covered!

With our "Sh*t Happens!" Special Warranty: 

  • If your glasses are damaged or broken, we will replace them at no added charge, even if you damage them yourself!
  • This is good for on any of our blue light glasses from our website.
  • This is a huge step up from our normal 30 day replacement policy that covers your glasses if there's an issue with them, but doesn't cover self-inflicted or patient damage.

Listen babe, with everything that happens out there, you'll be glad you have the peace of mind that your glasses will be replaced at a fraction of the cost!

If you want this extra peace of mind, press Add to Cart to add this warranty now!


Do you have any more questions before you purchase? Please read below!

Once you purchase your warranty, it's on file with us.

We can look it up by your full name, address, order number, or anything else we use to identify your purchase.

If you ever need to replace your glasses - the requirements are simple! We just ask that you do two things:

  • Send us a picture of your broken glasses to support@nursesonly.club
  • Give us any of the identifiers above (full name, address, email address, order number, etc)

And just like that we will send you your replacement pair!

Please note a few more things:

  • This warranty works for ANY pair of blue blockers on our page.
  • This warranty won't cover your pair if you lose your glasses. 
  • It's good for one replacement for the same pair of glassesIf we're somehow out of stock, we'll let you replace the color or frame for free.
  • If you buy two ore more pairs, one warranty = one replacement if EITHER pair gets broken. If you want two replacements, please buy two warranties.

Please note that this must be bought with your glasses and cannot be bought afterward.

If you want this extra peace of mind, press Add to Cart to add this warranty now!

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