The Nurse's Massager

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Hey nurse - are your muscles killing you at the end of each shift??

Well guess what - we have an incredibly simple and easy solution for you!

Just roll your hands and feet on our Nurses' Massagers to relieve the aches and pains after any long shift - in just a few minutes!

Our Nurses' Massagers:

  • Are amazing for tired feet and hands
  • Are relaxing, energizing, and stimulating
  • Increase blood flow to promote healing
  • Are small and perfect (about 16cm x 7cm) to take with you anywhere, including your tote, backpack, car, or locker
  • Are used by professionals: They're used by Physical Therapy Facilities for Deep Tissue Reflexology, Acupressure, Acupoint massages and Myofascial Release treatment. They're also used by yoga, sports and fitness centers for stretching, pain relief, and flexibility.

In fact, Wendy, a cardiac nurse who's always on her feet told us....

"My feet used to feel horrible after each long shift, almost to the point where I thought I'd have to quit what I was doing and get a desk job. But these massagers are ABSOLUTELY amazing!!!! They're seriously almost as incredible as getting a real foot massage!!"

And we agree - because we use them ourselves!

You have nothing to lose with our Massager except for tons of aching, annoying pain!

And since we give big discounts when you buy several, they're awesome to buy as a backup for home or work, and for a friend of yours with aching feet as well!

So if you want to feel amazing at the end of your long shifts...

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