The Babe Mega Bundle

$ 39.97 $ 150

Hey busy nurse, are you getting back pain from work!?

Let's stop that, right now!

Our Babe Mega Bundle is designed specifically for BUSY NURSES like you to:

  • Tone your legs and butt to stop back pain and look absolutely amazing
  • Correct your posture to reduce your stress, improve your confidence and health.


In our Babe Mega Bundle, we're going to give you SIX things. 

  • A Babe Brace (normally $40) to correct your posture as comfortably as possible.
  • All three sizes of Babe Bands (also normally $40) which they do an excellent job at strengthening your thighs and glutes - in just 5-10 minutes, 3 times a week.
  • Our Booty in 30 Days! Workout Program (normally $40 - delivered by email!) that shows you how to tone your legs and butt in just 10-15 minutes a day, a few days a week!
  • Our Supermodel Posture in 30 Days Program (normally $30) to give you amazing posture, from home or the gym, in 10-15 minutes a day, 3 days a week!

So if you want to be a healthier, stronger, more confident nurse...

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Question: Will the Babe Brace weaken my back muscles?

Answer: No it will not! Our Babe Brace is an aid that helps your muscles maintain the correct posture, acting as a constant reminder to your and your muscles that keep your posture straight. Your muscles will develop over time to maintain the better posture that you've developed!

Question: Will this pinch my arms or shoulders?

Answer: Only if you're wearing it too tight or your shoulders are too rounded! If it feels tight, loosen the straps to your comfort level and pull your shoulders back! If you are slouching, it will become uncomfortable, forcing you to keep your shoulders back to regain comfort. It is the perfect way to strengthen your muscles to develop long term healthy posture!

Question: What size is right for me?

Answer: Please see the sizing chart in the product pictures above!

Question: How long can I wear it?

Answer: Your body will not be used to your new position, so it will take some time. Many see great results in their posture in a week, and it often takes 2-5 weeks to see true long term results. Stop wearing it as soon as it becomes uncomfortable; take a break and wear it again. Don't wear it to bed. Most of our customers achieve great success wearing it 1-2 hours at a time, but many of our nurses will wear it for an entire shift!

Question: Should I wear this to work?

Answer: Yes! If you wear it to work you will probably want to wear it under your clothing. This is totally up to you - it is not 100% necessary to wear to work. We generally recommend wearing it at home after your shift, or for a few hours on your days off.

Question: Can I wear it under my shirt?

Answer: Yes! Our Babe Brace is designed to be sleek so that it fits under shirts or clothing, so you can wear it in public without anyone noticing. But for maximum comfort, consider wearing it over your clothing.

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