The Game Changer

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  • Relieve eye strain

    Relieve your headaches, dry eye and eye strain from medical devices, artificial lights, and screens.

  • Helps with sleep

    These glasses help you sleep longer and deeper.

  • Beauty remedy

    Look fresh! Relieve dry, unhealthy looking skin from poor sleep after your long shifts.

  • Can help weight loss

    Believe it or not, since they help improve sleep they can actually help you regulate your appetite and energy so you can lose weight easier!

  • Stylish

    Look absolutely gorgeous - unlike the vast majority of ugly blue light blocking glasses out there!

Hey gorgeous nurse! Did you know that blue light can make your skin look old and wrinkled?

It's true - and between all the lights, screens, and medical devices you're around all day, you're seriously exposed to this problem!

And blue light has been proven by The Sleep Foundation, Harvard University, American Journal of Epidemiology, and many more...

To cause unhealthy skin, dark spots under your eyes...

Plus headaches, eyestrain, poor sleep, fatigue, long term vision damage, and a lot more!

And we need you to have a long, healthy, caring career.

So fortunately, we have a simple, easy, and stylish solution...

Our incredibly popular blue light filtering Game Changer glasses filter out the vast majority of harmful blue light you're exposed to!

So you can:

  • Relieve dry, unhealthy looking skin from poor sleep after your long shifts!
  • Relieve your headaches, dry eye and eye strain from medical devices, artificial lights, and screens. Many of our nurses have reported that they entirely eliminate them!
  • Help sleep faster and deeper, and thus improve your energy and mood after every night of sleep!
  • Help lose weight - believe it or not, since they help improve sleep they can actually help you regulate your appetite and energy so you can lose weight easier!
  • Look stylish and cute - unlike the vast majority of ugly blue light blocking glasses out there!

Look, as a hard working nurse, you owe it to yourself to take better care of yourself with our cute new Game Changer glasses - especially while they're on a massive limited time sale!

Press Add to Cart to get yours before our sale expires!



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How long will it take for me to get my glasses? 
Most of our nurses in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe get their glasses within 6-12 business days. But depending on demand and the shopping season, on rare occasion they may take 12-18 business days to arrive at your doorstep. 
Also please note that shipping is 100% FREE and INSURED for all our customers, anywhere in the world! No other nursing store offers this.
Please understand all of this before you order, and please be patient - we're very confident you'll love them!

What is blue light?

Your body naturally responds to blue light for regulation of your sleep-wake cycle.

The problem is that artificial, High Energy Visible (HEV) blue light emits from most electronics you're exposed to, like LED lights, TV, computers, phones and tablets.

HEV blue light has shorter wavelength than other colors in the visible spectrum causing light to scatter outward, decrease contrast and strain your eyes. 

This has been proven by Harvard University The Sleep Foundation, The American Journal of Epidemiology, and many more!

Symptoms of over exposure to blue light include blurry vision, difficulty focusing, dry and irritated eyes, eyestrain poor sleep, and even issues like weight gain and dry skin. In fact, blue light related complaints, specifically digital eyestrain, has now carpal-tunnel syndrome as the biggest computer related complaint!

Do these glasses magnify anything?

No, they do not. They are only there for blue light protection so they can be worn by anyone, with or without a prescription.

Can they be worn over contacts?

It may sound a little funny to wear glasses over your contacts, but it actually makes sense - because our glasses are for blue light protection only, and you may want to take them off several times throughout your shift. Many of our nurses do this and they say it works great for them!

Are you releasing prescription versions?

Unfortunately we do not have plans to release prescription glasses at this time, but if you follow us on Facebook or Instagram (see the Follow Us on the bottom of the page) you'll be the first to know if/when we do!

How are the lenses clear if they filter blue light?

With our own specialized blue light filtering technology, we are able to make lenses clear while filtering as much blue light as possible. Our lenses often appear slightly blue on the outside, since they are deflecting blue light, but as the wearer they are perfectly clear. This is a stark contrast to blue light filtering glasses that are dark orange, which you would never want to wear around at work, and those which appear clear but don't use our technology and thus don't actually filter out much blue light at all!

What's the difference between this and your other glasses?

All of our glasses do an excellent job of blocking out the majority of harmful blue light. We recommend you choose the frame that you like the most!

Do I have to be a nurse to wear these?

No, you don't. We are a nursing store, but if you're not a nurse we're very happy to help you out with our glasses as well! EMTs, doctors, dentists, teachers, photographers, the list goes on and on of different professions who have told us our glasses have helped them! They also make excellent gifts to both nurses and non-nurses!

What if I don't like them?

We offer a one-time replacement in case you chose the wrong frame or if they don't fit!

Is my payment information secure?

Absolutely! We fully understand that you may not feel 100% safe ordering from us on your first time. So please note that payments are 100% secure with our encrypted payment system - we have no access to your credit card information. We also offer PayPal (which also does not give us your payment info) if you're more comfortable using it instead!

We are a small store run by nurses, and we want you to feel comfortable ordering with us!

Now that you're ready to order, press Add to Cart to get yours now!

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