The Night Shifter

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  • Relieve eye strain

    Relieve your headaches, dry eye and eye strain from medical devices, artificial lights, and screens.

  • Helps with sleep

    These glasses help you sleep longer and deeper.

  • Beauty remedy

    Look fresh! Relieve dry, unhealthy looking skin from poor sleep after your long shifts.

  • Can help weight loss

    Believe it or not, since they help improve sleep they can actually help you regulate your appetite and energy so you can lose weight easier!

  • Stylish

    Look absolutely gorgeous - unlike the vast majority of ugly blue light blocking glasses out there!

Hey busy nurse - are you struggling to get good sleep after your shift?

Look, we know the deal.

You're a night shift nurse.

You start your shift doing what should have already been done.

Changing linens that should have been changed.

Wiping butts that should have already been wiped.

Yet you still have your own job to do.

Passing meds, doing treatments, doing thankless work, and working harder than anyone ever gives you credit for!

And after all of this, when you go home, it can be hard to get a full night of sleep!

And multiple shifts in a row?

Forget about it. 

Every time you get your first day off, you sleep in ALL day...

And you feel like you're missing time with your boyfriend, husband, friends, and kids.

Listen, we've been there too.

A lot of this is because of your exposure to blue light before you go to sleep.

Exposure to blue spectrum light has been proven to reduce melatonin production at night.

In other words, exposure can make it a lot less easy to sleep at night.

And this has been proven by many top institutions, such as

  • The Sleep Foundation
  • Harvard University
  • The American Journal of Epidemiology

However, we have the answer for you!

👓 Our Non-prescription Night Shifter glasses are certified to filter out harmful blue spectrum light!

We sell our Night Shifter glasses because as nurses ourselves, we've had to educate ourselves and deal with the blue light issue.

And we felt like most blue light filter glasses out there just aren't good enough.

So we've had to search for the right glasses for us - and for you.

Because we've been through many pairs, and most other glasses either:

  • Don't filter out the harmful blue light like they say they do.
  • Use orange lenses that look hideous!

But our Night Shifter glasses:

  • Will make you look stylish and cute (our nurses LOVE the Leopard ones!)
  • Can improve headaches and eye strain from phones, TV, and computer screens. Many of our nurses have reported that they entirely eliminate them!
  • Can help you sleep much deeper, remove those bags under your eyes, and improve your energy after every night of sleep!

And as our reviews show, they have helped many of our nurses (day shift as well, they work for anyone)!

Can you imagine the positive change in your life this could have on you?

And can you really put a price on that?

We can...

For a very short time, our Night Shifter glasses are 40%+ off!

This is a huge discount on these glasses that are normally priced at $75!

First, before you order, please note the following:

  • Most of our US nurses get their glasses within 3-5 business days. Our nurses in Canada, the UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand take an average 6-12 business days. Depending on demand and the shopping season, on rare occasion they may take 12-18 business days to arrive at your doorstep. Please understand this before you order, and please be patient - we're very confident you'll love them!
  • Payments are 100% secure with our encrypted payment system - we have no access to your credit card information. We are a small store, run only by nurses, and we want you to feel comfortable ordering with us.

  • Shipping is 100% FREE and INSURED for all nurses, anywhere in the world! No other nursing store offers this.

  • We currently don't offer the Night Shifters in prescription.Most of our nurses wear them when they chart, use their cell phone, and before they go to bed (both day and night shift), and report great results!
  • If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via the "Contact Us" page. We are here to answer any of your questions.

Now that you're ready to order...

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